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Rebel Double CD Journey Into Reggae by VP Premier

Rebel Double CD Journey Into Reggae by VP Premier
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*** Ready for Digital DOWNLOAD ***

Rebel produced by Vp Premier is the official 200th Vp Premier CD in digital download format only.  Featured on this album are modern and exciting remixes that will liven up the dancefloor and bring you fresh look at what a remix can truly be. The goal was to create an album that would redefine the genre and mark a significant evolution in West Indian remixing

01. Intro
02. Rum & Redbull (Gt Stars Remix)
03. Cheaters Prayer (Queens Rock Remix)
04. She Nuh Ready Yet (Clappas Remix)
05. Over & Over (Clouds Remix)
06. Family (Sixflow Mix)
07. Zum Zum (Bandits Remix)
08. Love U Baby (Ashes Mix)
09. One Inna Dem Head (So Saxy Remix)
10. Welcome To Jamrock (Tremors Remix)
11. Te Ves Buena (Echo Mix)
12. Chok There (Rise The Apache Remix)
13. Phat Punanni (Red Wine Remix)
14. Vitamin S (Rass Mix)
15. Miss Fatty Fatty (Ravin Remix)
16. Kuff (P&N Remix)
17. Bruk Off Yuh Back (Breeze Mix)
18. Mhm Hm (Blade Remix)
19. Chi Chi Man (Drinks Up Remix)
20. Outro
01. Intro
02. Slam (Vegas Bounce Mix)
03. Before I Leave (Blue Rays Remix)
04. Walking Trophy (Ballas Remix)
05. Sonita (Sunnis Remix)
06. Indian Girl (Bonfire Remix)
07. Hurtin Me (2Real Remix)
08. She's A Ho (Tribal Road Remix)
09. Dwayne (Brooklyn Nights Remix)
10. Flex (Jersey Gold Mix)
11. Roti Rap (Vypa Edition)
12. Pay Down Pan It (IMS Edition)
13. Punny Printer (Souls Remix)
14. She Want It (Dutty Remix)
15. Skankin Sweet (THP Remix)
16. Bloodstain (Chuckie Mix)
17. Nicky (Fess Mix)
18. Give It To Them (Set Speed Remix)
19. Gal Pon De Side (High Wine Remix)
20. Outro
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