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Soca Session 2015 by DJ BASS

Soca Session 2015 by DJ BASS
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  1. Intro – Rather Be Remix – DJ BASS
  2. Machel Montano – Pop Ah Bottle (SMJ Remix)
  3. Farmer Nappy ft Alison Hinds –In Trouble
  4. Nadia Batson – Cooler Fete
  5. Patrice Roberts – Looking For it
  6. 5Star Akil – Noise (DJ BASS edit)
  7. Kerwin Du Bois – No Apology (DJ BASS edit)
  8. Ricardo Drue – Vagabond (Rave Intro Dj BASS)
  9. Angela Hunte Ft. Machel Montano – Party Done
  10. Fay-Ann – Raze
  11. Kes – Falling (Dj BASS Edit)
  12. Sekoon Sta – The Best
  13. Flipo – Her Love (Dj BASS Edit)
  14. Olatunji – Ola (Soca Monarch Live Champion Edit)
  15. Benjai ft. H20 Phlo – Phenominal (Dj BASS Edit)
  16. Lyrikal – Loner (Jeff Jam edit)
  17. Machel Montano – On My way
  18. Lyrikal – Cloud 9 (Dj BASS Acapella Edit)
  19. Blaxx – Place in life (remix)
  20. Chow Chow – Sagga Boy
  21. Erphaan Alves – Tanty
  22. Destra – Lucy
  23. Jungulus – Bad Girl (Dj BASS clap Edit)
  24. Tim Tim – Push it Back
  25. Shal Marshall – Motivation (Dj BASS Exclusive Mix)
  26. Fadda Fox – Ducking
  27. Kes – Million (Jeff Jam Clap Intro)
  28. Farmer Nappy – My House
  29. Erphaan Alves – Come From?
  30. Kes – Look Fuh Dat
  31. Machel Montano – Getting on Bad (Dj BASS Energy Mix)
  32. Kes – Make Ah Move
  33. Chucky Gordon – Doh Take it On (Roadmix)
  34. Sekon Sta – Maxmum
  35. Erphaan Alves – Balance
  36. Kerwin Du Bois – Circle
  37. Bunji Garlin – Our Time
  38. Bunji Garlin – Cosmopolitan
  39. Benjai – Awesome
  40. Erphaan Alves – All Hands Rise
  41. Fay-Ann – Break the World
  42. Kerwin Du Bois – Ridiculous
  43. Kerwin Du Bois – D Influence
  44. Machel Montano – Remedy (Dj Bass Aca Edit)
  45. Machel Montano  - Like Ah Boss (Doc & Jes Roadmix)
  46. Bunji – Climb
  47. Bunji – Climb (Power Up Intro)
  48. Fay-Ann – Drift
  49. Bunji Garliin – Do it
  50. Machel Montano – Losing It
  51. Fay-Ann – Keep Some
  52. Blaxx – Maddness Crew
  53. Machel Montano – Watching Meh
  54. Iwer George – Play D Mas
  55. Olatunji ft. Skinny Fabulous – Blazing
  56. Patrice Robert ft. Machel Montano – Great parade
  57. Squeeze Head ft. Shal Marshall – Turbo Charge
  58. Machel Montano - Erupt


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Reviews / Comments
Soca Session 2015 by DJ Bass
"With Toronto Carnival 2015 (formally known as Caribana to us OG’s) just around the corner, it’s no surprise that we were hit with another fantastically put together Soca Session 2015 CD brought to you by DJ BASS and presented by W.I.C. DJ BASS has definitely done it again with this mega soca CD mix. Where do I start with this review? Let’s start at the begging shall we. BAM!!!!!! DJ BASS just hits you with the one, two punch - giving you soca fever front and centre. What’s nice about this is that he mixed a soca chune beat with a dance track entitled “I’d Rather Be” by Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne. I can’t tell you what he did; you just have to purchase and listen. But the mix is on point, upbeat and will DEFINITELY get you in the soca mood this Carnival season. Even though this CD dropped about 4 months ago no one really gets hyped about Toronto Carnival until July when all the festivities really start. Soca Session 2015 is definitely the way to go this year! When you have the CD on and you’re jamming away, you can’t even tell when the songs transition from one track to the other. The mix from DJ Bass is SOO smooth. I’ve always been a fan of his DJ skills and this man just keeps getting better and better. When I think he’s reached his prime, you end up hearing something else from him year after year and you’re like WHOA!! Now…because it’s my job to pay attention to the details…the beginning has a wicked feel to it with the female voices talking to each other…you can hear it louder from left to right (stereo setup) as one woman speaks and then the other answers. It’s an awesome technique to start with. All the big chunes that need to be on this CD are here!! And they aint just being played but PRESENTED and mixed in a way that gets you bubbling without you even realizing it. Now…I don’t know if DJ BASS intended this, but as each songs plays….they don’t just musically play into each other via mix but they actually play into each other via theme, the message or a lyric. It’s actually a good way to catch a listener….at least the ones that notice the small dets like me ;) For example you have track #6 - 5StarAkil with “Noise” that goes straight into Track #7 – Kerwin DuBois’ “No Apology” …… for meh behaviour ;) As a soca fan I dun know I aint apologizing for making any type of soca noise!! Like I said if DJ Bass intended to mix this way or not is beyond me but regardless this sooo works. After all of that….we then move into Vagabond by Ricardo Drue and then the Party Done by Machel ft. Angel Hunte!! Booom!! Yall gotta hear how BASS mixed these few songs together. Some serious body pumping soca chunes and we’re only at song #9 of #58…OH GOSHHHH!!! Look…..I can’t give away all the vibez on this CD, but since I always stick to the beginning lets reach the middle for a bit….see where the energy is at shall we? I can tell DJ BASS hasn’t just mixed a bunch of songs together; he has some surprise edits and mixes placed throughout the CD which is a nice feel. It gives the CD some originality to who DJ BASS is and what his SKILLZ are – especially for all those who don’t know him. I do have to ask….where yall been under a rock??? By the time you get to track 39 with Fay-Ann’s body pumping chune “Break the World” you’re gonna wanna break yuh BUMPA!! No doubt for years DJ BASS has been dropping a serious badass SOCA SESSION and 2015 is no different!! PURCHASE THIS NOW!! Carnival has arrived and this is the MIX to have in the car, your house, your MP3 – wherever!! I have nothing bad to say – the mixes, the song choices, selections, mixing; and CD design is all true to the talent and thought process that is DJ BASS. He keeps it classy and traditional with the CD cover design by celebrating carnival in true form – via a Carnival Costume. Yall need to BUY SOCA SESSION 2015. You will not be disappointed. When DJ BASS Touch down the whole place shell down!!! One Love, Nadzzz"
Jul 20 2015, 22:35 PMby Nadzzz

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