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2020 Soca Full Track Digital Music

2020 Soca Full Track Digital Music
SKU: 2028ITI11
Price: $50.00
All 14.1 Gigabytes of 2020 Soca (As of Sept 2019 - March 2020) It's a VERY BIG file
Here in one download, The Digital Quality is at 320 Kbps
You get 8 Bars, Acapellas, Instrumentals, TV Tracks, Remixes + Road Mixes
124 Different Full Tracked Soca Riddims and 681 New Songs not on Riddims.
Fully Labelled, Title, Artist, Riddim Name, Dirty & Clean Versions (if applicable) and Picture
2020 Soca Riddims
100 Acres Riddim
Afro Fête Riddim
Afromatics Riddim
After Life Riddim
Arch & Bend Riddim
Baby Bells Riddim
Baila Riddim
Bangin Riddim
Beast Riddim
Beng Riddim
Benna Jab Riddim
Big Back Riddim
Big Ride Riddim
Big Vibe Riddim
Bittersweet Riddim
Body Riddim
Bop Yuh Head Riddim
Bottom Line Riddim
Bounce It Back Riddim
Calm Side Riddim
Candy Riddim
Cane Juice Riddim
Caribé Rosé Riddim
Carnival Time Riddim
Caution Riddim
Central Station Riddim
Champion Cock Riddim
Choco Stick Riddim
Classy Riddim
Coco Panyol Ridim
Colors Riddim
Coney Island Riddim
Contigo Riddim
Crawl Out Riddim
Cubano Riddim
Dapa Dan Riddim
Darkseid Riddim
Day Dream Riddim
Dinsley Riddim
Doggie Riddim
Dust Raiser Riddim
Fender Bender Riddim
Fete Mood Riddim
Fetish Riddim
Five Island Riddim
Fizzle Project Riddim
Folk Tale Jouvert Riddim
Free Up Riddim
Good Feels Riddim
Good Oye Riddim
Grateful The Project
GT Riddim
Happy Riddim
Heart String Riddim
Hello Bacchanal Riddim
Hickle Juice Riddim
Jab Molassie Riddim
Jab Nation Riddim
Jakson Bay Project
Jam Down Riddim
Jamish Riddim
Kaisoca Riddim
Kanboulay Riddim
Knock About Riddim
Komess Riddim
Kool It Riddim
Krunch Riddim
Mailbox Riddim
Melanin Riddim
Mighty Calypso Riddim
Mileage Riddim
Mojo Riddim
Montrose Riddim
Mosh Pit Riddim
Ms Mary Ann Riddim
Multi Color Riddim
Night Fall Riddim
One Bad Riddim
Poolside Riddim
Pop's Guitar Riddim
Professionalz Riddim
Project 2020 Riddim
Redemption Riddim
Rose Riddim
Rum n BBQ Riddim
Sapphire Riddim
Shake Riddim
Skinner Park Riddim
Slack Jab Riddim
Soca Syrup Riddim
Soul Chase Riddim
Spotlight Riddim
Star Crossed Riddim
Station X Riddim
Story Book Riddim
Street Party Riddim
Street Vice Riddim
Sugar Stick Riddim
Super Soca Riddim
The #2Easy Riddim
The Bang Bang Riddim
The Controversy Riddim
The Fete Project
The Fizzle Project Riddim
The Peppa Project
The Tar Riddim
ThundaBolt Riddim
Toast Riddim
Toatin Riddim
Truth & Soul Riddim
Tuff Riddim
Tuff Spot Riddim
Tumbi Riddim
Uber Soca Riddim
Vice Riddim
Viral Riddim
Viral Wine Riddim
Vortex Riddim
We Outside Riddim
Xo Xo Riddim
Yuh Bad Riddim
ZaZa Riddim
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