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2019 Island Soca Pool

2019 Island Soca Pool
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It Ain't Me (Thundabolt Riddim) – Lil Rick

90’s Juck Down – Scrilla
Action Time Again – Mikey
Ah Fetting (Bounce Up Riddim) – Keido
Bae – iWeb x College Boy Jesse
Balance Batty – Lil Rick
Bam Bam – Kirk Brown
Ben’ Over (V-Neck Riddim) – Unda Dawg
Big Batty Gal (Thundabolt Riddim) – Lil Rick & Lexus
Boom Boom (Dapa Dan Riddim) – Marzville
Bruk It Off (Big Yam Riddim) – Fadda Fox
Bubble – Shanta Prince
Can’t Style Me (C.S.M) – Lil Rick
Champion Fetters (Champion Fetter Riddim) – Mikey
Clap – Linskee
Dis Is Mas – Voice & Tallpree
Distance – Marvay & Nikita
Do Wha We Want (Champion Fetter Riddim) – Fadda Fox
Don’t Stand Up Deh (One Pot Riddim) – Hypasounds
Done Wid It (Longtime Riddim) – Saddis
Drop It Low (T’Chalah Riddim) – Marzville
Dutty – Joaquin
Energy – Mikey
Fabuloso (Red Vibes Riddim) – Peter Ram
Fair Sa (Feh Sa) – Hypasounds
Feting Is Me Drug (Jam Down RIddim) – Edwin Yearwood
Feting Mood (Drip Drip Riddim) – Lil Rick
Flight – Nikita
Freak In De Fete – Jus D
Gathering – Peter Ram
Gimme Wine – Jus Smoove
Glue – Edwin Yearwood
Good To Go – Mikey
Groundation – Edwin Yearwood
High Life – Leadpipe & Saddis x Purple Jacket
Hold Yuh (Choco Stick Riddim) – Fadda Fox
I Can’t Help Myself – Edwin Yearwood
If Rum Done (Bruce Bannah Riddim) – King Bubba FM
In Deh (Choco Stick Riddim) – Marzville
Iza Vibe – Mr. Red
Jab People – Skinny Fabulous x V’ghn x Lavaman
Jammin Dutty – Supa Mario x Claudette CP Peters
Jamming – Lil Natty & Thunda
Jouvert Mornin (Rum and Tuk Riddim) – Statement
Livin 4 Now – Statement
Love In De House – King Bubba FM
Love To Wuk (Thundabolt Riddim) – UndaDawg
Mad & Bad – Lil RIck x King Bubba FM
Magic – Biggie Irie
Make Yuh Move (Red Vibes Riddim) – Nikita
Mash Up And Done (Bruce Bannah Riddim) – Alison Hinds
Millions – Mistah Dale
Mood (You Got It) (Bruce Bannah Riddim) – Ricardo Drue x Lil Rick
Music – TC
My Heart – Jus Smoove
No Bad Vibes (Jam Down Riddim) – Jus D
No Girls, No Vibes (T’Chalah Riddim) – Swappi x Stiffy
No Respect – Hypasounds
Nothing To Something (Drip Drip Riddim) – Jus D
O.M.G (Oh My Gosh) (Bedroom Riddim) – Marzville
One Blood – Rameses Brown
Only Thing She Know – Timeka Marshall
Only You – Yannick Hooper
Over Me (Tropikal Gas Riddim) – Jus D
Owe Me – Marzville
Party Badd – Skinny Fabulous x Mikey
Permission – Marzville x Nessa Preppy
Play Ah Mass (Dark Horse Riddim) – Statement
Plug In To All – Stiffy
Pun Me (Fine Wine Riddim) – Mistah Dale
Push & Go Through – Marvay
Release Me (I Ain’t Drunk) (Bruce Bannah Riddim) – Marzville
Right Now (Choco Stick Riddim) – Joaquin x Problem Child
Ruff So (T’Chalah Riddim) – Lil Rick
Sexy Soca Wine – Nakeshia
Shake It Up (T’Chalah Riddim) – Stiffy
She Always Bend Over (Big Yam Riddim) – King Bubba FM
Slots – Peter Ram
So What – Jus D
Sometime – Leadpipe x Jus-Jay King
Spring Garden (Bruce Bannah Riddim) – Lil Rick
Stabbin Cabin – Stabby
Sugah (Fine Wine Riddim) – Sugah
Summer (Red Vibes Riddim) – Marvay
Talk To Me – Holla Bak
The Stick (Big Yam Riddim) – Problem Child
Think Twice – Rupee
Thunder (Good Riddim) – Leadpipe & Saddis
Tight Situation – Hypasounds
Tighter (Como Te Llamas) – Jus D
Touch Down (Choco Stick Riddim) – Jahmantha
Vibes Up – Kirk Brown
Vibez – Marzville x Lyrikal
Warm Up – Stiffy
Wine Bend Over (Thundabolt Riddim) – Sheba Royale
Wine Pon It (Tropikal Gas Riddim) – Lil Rick x Shontelle
Wine Pon U (Tropikal Gas Riddim) – Joaquin
Woman – Yannick Hooper
Wukkin Friend – Mikey
Yeah (V-Neck Riddim) – Lil Rick‚Äč
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