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Rum Shop Volume 05 (REMASTERED)

Rum Shop Volume 05 (REMASTERED)
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What is Remastering?
Remastering is the process of correcting unwanted signals in the audio that cause distortion and ruin the listening experience. Clicks & pops, surface noise, humming, hissing and other unwanted transients are removed and left behind is clean and clear audio. In addition, duplicate songs have been removed and original versions of every song have been used, not re-sung versions. Extra silence at the beginning and ending of the tracks have also been eliminated, ensuring all songs start and end smoothly
The movie names have also been added to for each song, telling you at a glance what movie your favorite songs come from. The original Rumshop artwork has been enhanced and included in the MP3 tags and the correct spelling for the song names has been used
Some features of this collection:
  • All songs remastered
  • Original versions of all songs are used, not the re-sung versions
  • Extra silence at end of the tracks has been removed
  • All songs properly fade out and do not end suddenly
  • Original movie names have been added to the MP3 tags
  • Original artwork for every CD is attached to the MP3 tags
  • All duplicate songs have been removed
  • Clicks, pops and other noise has been removed
  • Cleaner, crisper and clearer versions of every song in the series
  • Song titles have been fixed using the correct spelling
01. Sajan Mera Us Pyar Hai Movie: Jamuna Saraswati
02. Tere Haton Mein Pehna Movie: Jaani Dushman
03. Mehbooba Mehbooba Movie: Sholay
04. Pyar Do Pyar Lo Movie: Janbaaz
05. Trichi Topiwale Movie: Tridev
06. Laila O Laila Movie: Qurbani
07. Gori Hai Kalaiyan Movie: Aaj Ka Arjun
08. Dil Diya Hai Jaan Movie: Aye Watan Tere Liye
09. Zindagi Imtihaan Leti Hai Movie: Naseeb
10. Yeh Galiyan Yeh Chaubara Movie: Prem Rog
11. Tera Naam Liya Movie: Jhankar
12. Manga Lounga Mein Tujhe Movie: Romance
13. Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahan Movie: Yarana
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