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Petals To The Altar by HARRY PANDAY

Petals To The Altar by HARRY PANDAY
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1. Ridhi Sidhi Data (Universal Prayer)
2. Meray Man Bhajulay Lord, Absorb my entire Body
3. Charo juganmay O Krishna! Let your name reside in my heart forever
4. Chants from the Holy Ramayan
5. Jai Jai Seeta Rama Repeat the name of the lord constantly so that we can obtain purity
6. Awo Awo Kandhaiya
7. Seeta Kay Sangh Ram OH LORD! Please Protect me in times of distress
8. Daya Nidhi Charity is one of the pillers of Hinduism
9. Exceprts from the Holy Ramayan
10. Artie O Creator grant me steadfast faith in your being and guide my entire life

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