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OPEN THIS WEEKEND 10 am till 5 pm
747 Flea Market 95 Parkhurst Square, Brampton, ON, 

Terminal 1 Last Building Back Corner Booth 600-660

OPEN THIS WEEKEND 10 am till 5 pm
Vendors Flea Market 53 Parkhurst Square, Brampton, ON, 

1st Building Booth 131

416-540-7858 (7 days a week)

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Original artwork for every CD is attached to the MP3 tags
Song titles have been fixed using the correct spelling
Full Titles and Artists labelled (Where applicable)

How to Use Digital Downloads from Our Site
1. See where ever it says *** Ready for Digital DOWNLOAD ***
2. Select the DIGITAL DOWNLOAD you would like to purchase
3. Pay for the item via paypal (no account required)
4. Once confirmed an email link will be sent seperatley in the email you provided to be downloaded (check your SPAM/Junk mail)
5. Download the file somewhere you can access it
6. Use FREEWARE winzip or any other unzipping program and unzip the file
7. Enjoy your music!


New downloads for OND Sound, Revival, Thunderball Sound Crew, Mr. Stylistic, Chritsmas CD's, Religious Music, Mixmaster, DJ Gera, Bollywood Obsession, Hindi Remix, Miss Dutty Wine, DJ AMO, Infamous SoundCrew, Chutney Artists, FPM, Chutney Masters, Tassarama

Tickets On Sales

Saturday December 4th - Soca In The City $20 inside District Lounge
Friday December 27th - Chutney In The Six $50 inside EST. Banquet Hall
Tuesday December 31st - #EliteTorontoNYE2019 $35 Dinnner & Dance $20 Dance Only inside The Clubhouse by The Vue
  • Trendsetters 2 by O.N.D. Sound
  • Reggae Lovers by Chinese Assassin
  • Chinese Assassin - Back To The Crates Dancehall
  • Chinese Assassin - Back To The Crates Reggae
  • Chutney Windows 2003 & Beyond by Various Artist
  • Remember When Spoat Was Nice by Various DJ's
  • The Reggae Vault by Thunderball Soundcrew
  • Island Behavior by K-Flex
  • Inspirational Melodies by Ruby Khan Guptar & Nazimool Khan
  • Unconditional Love by K-Flex
  • FREE DOWNLOAD CD Dance Baby Dance Toronto by AJR X Alex K
  • FREE DOWNLOAD CD Die By The Rum 5
  • When Reggae Was the Shit by DJ Gera
  • Street Noise by Double Impact Soundcrew
  • Touchdown 2019 Dancehall Mix by Natural Mystic Soundstation
  • Bollywood Trendsetters by OND Sound
  • Hits After Hits by Double Impact Sound Crew
  • Chutney In De Park 2019 by K-Flex
  • FPM Agony (First Priority Music)
  • Chinese Assassin - Yaady Cup (Undisputed Champion) The CD Killer

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