Our 2 Locations

OPEN THIS WEEKEND 10 am till 5 pm
747 Flea Market 95 Parkhurst Square, Brampton, ON, 

Terminal 1 Last Building Back Corner Booth 600-660

OPEN THIS WEEKEND 10 am till 5 pm
Dr. Flea's Flea Market, 8 Westmore Dr., Toronto, ON,  
Door G, Asile 2300 North, Booth 2305


Tickets On Sales

Sunday May 21st - $35 Advance Tickets incl Food Your Time Now Boat Cruise Aurora Borealis
Sunday May 21st - $15 Early Birds Soca Reggaelutions 2 Cities 2 Parties
Saturday July 1st - $40 Early Birds Sanchez & The Baron "LIVE" inside Universal Event Space
Thursday August 3rd - $45 Early Birds incl Dinner WIC's 10th Anniversary SPLASH Kick-Off to Caribana Boat Cruise
  • Dance The Night Away Vol. 2 by DJ Jay Infiltrate
  • TDOT 6IX Special Edition by Chinese Assassin
  • Love My Tunes by Double Impact Sound Crew
  • Square One Sweetness
  • Toronto FC Wristband Red
  • Toronto FC Wristband Grey
  • My Indian Wedding Tunes by K-Flex
  • Higher Altitude by DJ High Power
  • Trinidad Winter Toque
  • Guyana Winter Toque
  • Barcelona Winter Toque
  • Toronto FC Winter Toque
  • Meet Me At The Club 2 by DJ Kevin
  • Radio Blasting 4 by Double Impact Sound Crew
  • Kuch Kuch Baby The Third Edition
  • Bollywood Nights by DJ Amal
  • Real Madrid Winter Toque
  • Manchester United Winter Toque
  • Liverpool Winter Toque
  • Acores Winter Toque

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